Christmas concert with tea

Christmas concert with tea at Salutorget

Enjoy atmospheric Christmas music and delicious Afternoon Tea at Salutorget on Saturday, 14 December at 12. The Christmas music will be provided by the Academic Choral Society, conducted by Dominik Vogt.

The concert programme will include both traditional Finnish Christmas songs and choral music from around the world.
“Our concert is like a steaming cup of tea or a mug of mulled wine with various ingredients and exotic spices combining to create a warm and comfortable feeling,” conductor Dominik describes.

The ticket price, €42, includes traditional Afternoon Tea served by Salutorget. The concert will begin and tea will be served at 12:00, so we ask the concert guests to arrive between 11:30 and 11:45. The tables will be reserved for concert guests for enjoying their afternoon tea until 14:00.


Stalls (includes concert ticket and afternoon tea menu for 1) 42€
Booth table for 4 (includes concert tickets and afternoon tea menu for 4)  168€
Table for 2, side hall (includes concert tickets and afternoon tea menu for 2) 84€
Booth table for 4, side hall (includes concert tickets and afternoon tea menu for 4) 168€

Academic Choral Society (Akateeminen Laulu)

The Academic Choral Society (Akateeminen Laulu, AL), established in 1953, is the mixed voice choir of the Student Union of the University of Helsinki. The choir has around 50 singers and performs mainly a cappella music. Dominik Vogt from Liechtenstein has been the artistic director of AL since 2017.

Afternoon Tea – leave the everyday behind

The originator of the English afternoon tea was Duchess Anna of Bedford, the Lady of the Bedchamber to Queen Victoria. The Duchess often felt hungry in the afternoons because lunch was very light and dinner was served late, so she asked her maidservants to prepare some tea and snacks. She soon started inviting her friends for five o’clock tea, and so an afternoon moment with tea and pastries became an established form of socialising in the mid-19th century. Afternoon tea quickly became very popular among the upper classes, and even in the 21st century, it is one of the symbols of British culture. Afternoon Tea has been enjoyed at Salutorget since 2011.