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Toast Skagen
Pike wallenberg
Cranberry pannacotta

CHEF´S MENU 73,00 + cheese assortment 79,00

Fisherman´s catch
Winter vegetables
Lightly smoked Arctic char
Heritage Angus entrecote
Chocolate namelaka


Toast Skagen16,00 | 22,00
Cured trout with horseradish yoghurt and barbecued cucumber19,00
Fisherman´s catch19,00
Duck breast with apple and cumberland sauce19.00
Cured venison with cranberries juniper berry mayonnaise20,00
Winter vegetables; carrots, beluga lentils and marinated red cabbage16,00
Traditional salmon soup15,00 | 20,00
Caesar salad
– Chicken
– Shrimps
– Naturel

14,00 | 19,00
16,00 | 21,00
10,00 | 15,00
Green salad7,00


Pan fried baltic herring with potato purée and brown butter21,00
Pan fried pike-perch, salsify, roasted root vegetables and fennel sauce29,00
Lightly smoked Arctic char, potato confit, onion purée and chicken broth28,00
Pike wallenberg with mashed peas and crayfish sauce25,00
Heritage Angnus entrecote, potato terrine seasoned with lemon thyme and marsala sauce35,00
Grilled fillet of venison with beetroot, parsnip and game sauce seasoned with Metsä gin35,00
Salutorget´s hamburger with bacon mayonnaise and caramelized mushrooms
with Selinin Sininen blue cheese or emmental +3€
Roasted Jerusalem artichoke with edamame beans and apple25,00


Cranberry pannacotta with salted caramel 12,00
Chocolate namelaka with cherry sorbet13,00
Almond cake with baked apple ice cream 13,00