Lämpimästi tervetuloa Salutorgetiin!

The stunningly beautiful Salutorget in the heart of historic Helsinki offers a perfect setting for a wonderful dining experience.

Location of Salutorget is Pohjoisesplanadi 15, 00170 Helsinki.
Phone: +358 9 6128 5950
Email: myynti@noho.fi

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"Salutorget used to be the City of Helsinki's treasury office. The sturdy pillars, marble floor, wooden service desks, and the large and beautiful lead glass artwork "Rahapuu" on the back wall remind us of the old bank hall. When the summer sun shines through it, it is clear that there is no better place in Helsinki to enjoy oysters in a beautiful setting."

Salutorget offers refined elegance with a range of exquisite experiences, from historical afternoon tea to evening tasting menus paired with carefully selected wines


Pohjoisesplanadi 15, 00170 Helsinki

+358 9 6128 5950


maanantai - PERJANTAI

11:30 - 22:00


12:00 - 22:00